A Quick Review of Statistical Thinking (Second Edition)

A Quick Review of Statistical Thinking (Second Edition)



A Quick Review of Statistical Thinking (QRST) is for students who have taken introductory statistics and need a quick review as they move forward with their own research or senior project, begin an honors thesis, take advanced statistics courses, review for the MCAT, or start graduate school. It briefly covers the topics in a typical undergraduate statistics course. The only computation covered is the standard deviation. My goal was to condense the material in the typical undergraduate statistics course into a short book that could be reviewed in a few evenings. Electronic publishing was chosen to save paper and for cost effectiveness. Each chapter ends with an exercise or quiz, with an answer key, to test your understanding of concepts. Chapter 8 explains how to use IBM SPSS Statistics software (SPSS) to perform statistical analyses covered in the typical undergraduate course and shows examples of reporting the results in articles or papers.
Instructors of advanced statistics and research methods courses will find that QRST can be used as a text in the first week to review introductory statistics. QRST would also make a good companion text in a course that combines research methods and statistics.

This book has two important help features. First, the detailed table of contents can be used to jump directly to any section of the book. Second, the book includes a glossary. Words defined in the glossary are printed in bold the first time they are used in the text.

The second edition of QRST was edited extensively. The main changes are to Chapters 2 and 8. Chapter 2 on levels of measurement now reflects current practice in choosing the correct test more accurately, and Chapter 8 describes how to analyze data with the SPSS program while showing more examples of SPSS input windows and output. Another new feature is that examples of how to interpret output and report the results are included for each test.

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A Quick Review of Statistical Thinking (Second Edition)