On the Gate

On the Gate



On the Gate (the sequel to Okay, Riders, Set ’Em Up) is a chapter book for seven to twelve year old children. The book describes a BMX racing season in the life of Nate Walker. BMX racing is a sport for people of all ages and both sexes that involves racing a bicycle for one lap around a closed course. The course is about a quarter mile to half mile long and has small hills that can be ridden over or jumped that are called obstacles by the racers. Each course has several banked turns about ten to fifteen feet tall where a lot of the action in BMX racing takes place. BMX racing became an Olympic sport in 2008. On the Gate tells the story of Nate Walker, who must cope with more intense competition when he is promoted from a Novice to an Intermediate racer. Not only does he deal with tougher competition, his sister has shown interest in BMX racing! Will Nate’s second season of racing be a disaster? Can he earn a state plate? What will it be like to stay home instead of going to Grand Nationals? On the Gate is an exciting story for any child who likes competitive sports. (Juvenile fiction)

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Main Event Press


St. Cloud, MN


On the Gate has been published as an eBook on Amazon.com. It was illustrated by Katie Christianson and Nate Wielkiewicz.

The first book in the series, Okay, Riders, Set ’Em Up, is available in print from the author, who can be contacted at rmwielk@gmail.com.

On the Gate