Sustainability and Psychology

Sustainability and Psychology



Our planet’s ecosystems are in trouble and the main cause is the people who live here. With these two assumptions as the starting point, Sustainability and Psychology applies the principles of psychology to the problem of changing human behavior in ways that increase sustainability. Ecological thinking, Pavlovian conditioning, learning, reinforcement, punishment, evolution, the tragedy of the commons, social psychology, the role of corporations, and educating for a sustainable world are the main topics. The intended audience is anyone who is working to move society toward becoming more sustainable. This includes members of NGOs, government agencies, and environmental studies programs. The book is written for anyone with a passion about the environment but it would be helpful if the reader has taken an introduction to psychology course in high school or college. Although Sustainability and Psychology can be read by anyone, the author has built in features that would make it an excellent textbook for an environmental studies, environmental psychology, or conservation psychology class. The book has a full reference section (over 350 sources), a glossary, and each chapter ends with discussion questions.

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Main Event Press; Second edition (July 25, 2015)


St. Cloud, MN


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This is the second edition of Sustainability and Psychology. Dr. Richard Wielkiewicz self-published on Amazon in order to keep the price of the book at a reasonable level ($6.99) and conserve resources. The author has thoroughly edited the text and added over 100 additional sources. The length of the book has increased by 30%. If you do not have a Kindle, free software for reading Kindle books is available from

Sustainability and Psychology