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International and Area Studies | Latin American Studies | Political Science | Social and Behavioral Sciences


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Focusing on Nicaragua after the 1990 Sandinista electoral defeat, this book is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary study of one of the most unusual cases of regime transition in the late 20th century. It shows the similarities and differences between Nicaragua's regime and those of other countries.


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Table of Contents
1. Introduction: Historical Setting and Important Issues / Thomas W. Walker -- I. The International Setting. 2. Nicaragua and the World: A Globalization Perspective / William I. Robinson -- II. The New Order. 3. Institutional Development / Shelley A. McConnell. 4. The Redirection of the Armed Forces / Daniel Premo. 5. General Economic Policy / Mario Arana. 6. Agrarian Policy / Jon Jonakin. 7. Social Policy / Karen Kampwirth. 8. The Environment / Desiree Elizondo -- III. Groups and Institutions. 9. The FSLN / Gary Prevost. 10. The Other Parties / Kenneth M. Coleman / Douglas Stuart H. 11. Grass-Roots Organizations / Erica Polakoff and Pierre La Ramee. 12. The Former Contras / Ariel C. Armony. 13. The Peoples of the Atlantic Coast / Judy Butler. 14. The Church / Andrew J. Stein. 15. The Economic Elite / Rose J. Spalding. 16. The Urban Informal Economic Sector / John G. Speer. 17. The Mass Media / Kent W. Norsworthy -- Reflections / Thomas W. Walker.