Legendary Afro-Cuban Filmmaker Gloria Rolando

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Gloria Rolando recently premiered her new film “Dialogo con mi Abuela (Dialogue with My Grandmother). Gloria Rolando has extensive film work on the African and Caribbean roots of Cuban culture and has addressed important events of Cuban history, such as Oggun: An Eternal Presence, about Cuban Yoruba singer Lazaro Ros; My Footsteps in Baragua, a recounting of the history of a West Indian community in Cuba; Eyes of the Rainbow, a documentary on Assata Shakur, the case of the massacre of the Independents of Color. In 2014, Rolando premiered Reembarque (Reshipment), which focuses on the process of repatriation of Haitian immigrants who were brought to Cuba as cheap labor to work for the sugar industry. This time, Gloria Roland approaches her own family history, starting with the close relationship she had with her grandmother, Inocencia; a testimonial narrative (told in first person) that brings us closer to the everyday life of Cuban women of African descent. Gloria Rolando's career as film director spans over 35 years at ICAIC, the Cuban national film institute. She heads an independent film-making group, Imágenes del Caribe, based in Havana.

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