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A reanalysis of old data removes the (0+,2+) ambiguity for a very narrow state at Ex(20Ne)=11.55 MeV and gives a unique 0+ assignment. Such a 0+ state corresponds well to a predicted state at 11.494 MeV of unusually small reduced widths for decay to both the ground and first excited state of 16O. This new 0+ state is a better 06+ band head for the 8p-4h states at 15.159 MeV (6+) and 18.538 MeV (8+) than the currently accepted 0+ state at 12.44 MeV. Possible 2+ and 4+ members are considered. The higher 0+ level at Ex=12.44 starts a new 07+ band, and candidates for this band are critically discussed.


DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevC.29.2332

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