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Six 20Ne levels have been investigated in detail via the 16O+α channel between 6.9≤Eα≤10.2 MeV. Level parameters for states at Ex(20Ne)=10.264±0.008, 11.077±0.008, 11.259±0.008, 11.552±0.008,12.237±0.008, and 12.390±0.008 MeV have been extracted from γ decay properties and phase shift analysis of the elastic scattering. With the exception of the 11.552 and 12.39 MeV states, these levels display primarily TT=0 states, several other weak γ decaying resonances were observed at 11.97 ± 0.04, 12.05 ± 0.04, and 12.49 ± 0.02 MeV but were not studied in detail. Charge dependent matrix elements (4-120 keV) for isospin mixing of T=1 states with nearby T=0 states were estimated from the measured level parameters.


DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevC.17.1034

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