Rhetorical Arguments and Scientific Arguments: Do My Children Have to Listen to More Arguments Against Evolution?

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Although its implications are not yet fully evident, the advent of a modern scientific theory of intelligent design (ID), and a scholarly research community advancing this theory (the ID movement) has re-energized and is now redefining the character of this controversy. Darwinism, Design, and Public Education examines ID as a science, a philosophy, and a movement for educational reform. In this book, leading design theorists present their scientific case for intelligent design, their criticisms of contemporary Darwinism and their arguments for a pluralistic controversy-based model of science education. They contend that if science education is to be other than state sponsored propaganda it must expose students to the scientific controversies that now exist about neo-Darwinism and other theories of biological origins.

Accompanying website at http://www.darwinanddesign.com/.