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Arts and Humanities | Philosophy


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Philosophy: Traditional and Experimental Readings, is an edited volume that integrates traditional historical and contemporary philosophical readings with recent work in experimental philosophy, a philosophical movement in which people collect empirical data to shed light on philosophical issues. Each chapter contains an introduction to the issues, concepts, and readings within the chapter.


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Chapter Contents:
Following the chapter introduction by Emily Esch and Joshua Weisberg, the chapter includes the following documents: 5.1. René Decartes: Meditations on First Philosophy; 5.2. Gottfried Leibniz: The Monadology; 5.3. T. H. Huxley: On the Hypothesis That Animals Are Automata, and Its History; 5.4. Frank Jackson: Epiphenomenal Qualia; 5.5. David Chalmers: The Puzzle of Conscious Experience; 5.6. Patricia Churchland: The Hornswoggle Problem; 5.7a. Martha J. Farah: Visual Perception and Visual Awareness after Brain Damage: A Tutorial; 5.7b. Michael Tye: Ten Problems of Consciousness; 5.8. Justin Sytsma: Folk Psychology and Phenomenal Consciousness.