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[Fiction] Spanning more than one hundred years, Skyesong tells the story of the MacEacherns, fabled horsemen and sword makers in the Scottish Hebrides. Love, suffering, banishment, war, betrayal, revenge, forgiveness, healing—these are all vibrant threads in a compelling tale that begins with Bonnie Prince Charlie’s disastrous Battle of Culloden in 1746, makes its winding way through the American Civil War and distant Van Diemen’s Land, and finally comes home to the Isle of Skye. Skyesong features an unforgettable cast of characters—Calum and Coinneach MacEachern, the young twins who gain a fearsome reputation as the vengeful Horsemen of Culloden; Elspeth Shyrie, the mysterious woman who rescues the twins and forges a new life for them on Skye; Alasdair, the wayfaring adventurer who lives such a large and gallant life, only to meet such an inglorious end; Hector, the young scholar fresh from Edinburgh who leaves his beloved home for the sake of Sorcha MacLeod, daughter of Skye’s most powerful people, the MacLeods of Dunvegan; Cullodena MacPhee, the fiercely independent girl who carries on a correspondence with Hector for over twenty years, giving him the precious gift of Skye in her sketches and field notes; forlorn Rory, who saves a foolish boy from an unjust punishment on the other side of the world, only to pay his own heavy price for so doing; Titus Bingham, the disconsolate war hero spared from self-destruction by an odd child; Hannibal, the military savant who serves the real-life Joshua Chamberlain, the hero of Gettysburg, who relies so deeply on this extraordinary fellow to conduct war against a much bolder, wiser foe. From Skye’s Cuillin Mountains to the killing fields of Fredericksburg and Petersburg, Skyesong brings to life the profound ravages of chance, the limits of human endurance, and the healing graces of affection. 20% of the author royalties will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.

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