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In this essay we summarize early findings of our work in progress on mapping the human rights movement in Kenya. We begin with a brief history of the human rights movement in Kenya, and then present our preliminary findings on the number and main objectives of human rights non-governmental organizations (HRNGOs) in Kenya today. Our essay is a report of findings in the early stage of our research on the movement in Kenya. The survey of the transnational human rights movement by Jackie Smith, Ron Pagnucco and George Lopez (1998), in which they constructed a census of the movement and then gathered data on the goals, organizational structures and activities of the transnational NGOs, serves as the model for our project. We are currently completing the construction of our census, and we provide of overview of the goals of the HRNGO industry in Kenya.


Paper presented at the Section on Human Rights Roundtable Session: Table 1. Comparative-Historical Studies of Human Rights, American Sociological Association Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, Nevada, August 20, 2011.

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