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Many older adults are under diagnosed and undertreated for depression by healthcare professionals (Brown, Bruce, McAvay, Raue, Lachs, & Nassisi, 2003). Depression is very prevalent in all older adults and, during times of war, veterans are at increased risk for development of some type of mental disorder (Allen & Annells, 2009). Cully, Khan, Peterson, and Zimmer (2008) indicate that almost one in 10 veterans are affected by depression. This study aimed to fill some of the gaps that exist in literature regarding depression screening and adherence to protocols for older adults. This retrospective study looked at impatient versus outpatient PHQ-2 scores to examine adherence to depression assessment protocols compare results over time. Limited data made it impossible to draw conclusions or support the research questions. Unexpected findings are discussed.


Advisors: Kathleen Twohy and Denise Meijer

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