The Effectiveness of Childbirth Classes for Increasing Self-Efficacy in Women and Support Persons

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Maternal, Child Health and Neonatal Nursing | Medicine and Health Sciences | Nursing


PURPOSE: Determine the effectiveness of childbirth classes for increasing self-efficacy on expectant women and support persons.
MATERIALS & METHODS: This quasi-experimental study used an 18-question self-efficacy instrument to survey 115 expectant women and 103 support persons prior to and immediately following childbirth classes.
RESULTS: Childbirth classes significantly increased self-efficacy scores of both the women (t [82] = - 11.059, p < 0.000) and the support person (t [77] = 11.673, p < 0.000). Support persons had significantly higher self-efficacy scores after the childbirth class than the women (t [175] = - 2.55, p = 0.012). Type of class attended did not significantly affect self-efficacy. Dealing with labor without pain medication continued to be an area of low self-efficacy for women following childbirth classes. Evaluation of childbirth classes will help educators refine content and methods for delivery of childbirth education. Ultimately, improved patient education will result in greater patient satisfaction and optimal birth outcomes.