Submissions from 2015


(Article) Collaborative Classroom Simulation (CCS): An Innovative Pedagogy Using Simulation in Nursing Education, Jodi Lisbeth Berndt, Georgia Dinndorf Hogenson, Rena Herheim, Carrie Hoover, Nicole Lang, Janet Neuwirth, and Bethany Tollefson

Submissions from 2014

(Book Chapter) Using a "flipped classroom" model to engage learners, Jodi Lisbeth Berndt


(Article) Peripheral IV stabilization and the rate of complications in children: An exploratory study, Nikki Laudenbach, Carie A. Braun, Leigh Klaverkamp, and Sigrid Hedman-Dennis

Submissions from 2013

(Book Chapter) Integrating Complementary Therapies into Education, Carie A. Braun

Submissions from 2012

(Article) Elders Adapting to a Chronic Diagnosis within a Nursing Refuge, Georgia Hogenson and Margaret Hegge EdD


(Article) The Effectiveness of Childbirth Classes for Increasing Self-Efficacy in Women and Support Persons, Rachelle Larsen and Margaret Plog


(Article) Baccalaureate Nursing Students' Intention to Choose a Public Health Career, Rachelle Larsen, LuAnn M. Reif, and Renee Frauendienst

Submissions from 2011


(Article) Effectiveness of Cultural Immersion and Culture Classes for Enhancing Nursing Students' Transcultural Self-Efficacy, Rachelle Larsen and LuAnn M. Reif


(Article) The Impact of Web-delivered Education on Preceptor Role Self-Efficacy and Knowledge in Public Health Nurses, Rachelle Larsen and Susan J. Zahner

Submissions from 2010

(Book Chapter) Complementary Therapies in Education, Carie Braun

(Book Chapter) Revitalizing for success with active learning approaches, Kathleen Ohman

(Book Chapter) Academic Applications, LuAnn M. Reif and Rachelle Larsen

Submissions from 2009

(Article) Invited Commentary on Drendel, A., Gorelick, M., Weisman, S., et al. A Randomized Clinical Trial of Ibuprofen versus Acetaminophen with Codeine for Acute Pediatric Arm Fracture Pain, Carie Braun


(Article) Animal-assisted Therapy as a Pain Relief Intervention for Children, Carie Braun, T. Stangler, J. Narveson, and S. Pettingel

(Article) Using Research to Determine Support for a Policy on Family Presence During Resuscitation, Kathleen A. Ohman, R. Basol, K. Skillings, and J. Simones

Submissions from 2007


(Conference Proceeding) Using evidence-based practice to reduce ventilator associated pneumonia, Kathleen Ohman

Submissions from 2006

(Article) Accuracy of Pacifier Thermometers in Young Children, Carie Braun

(Article) The Lived Experience of Perinatal Loss, Carie Braun and M. Horning

(Article) A School-based Physical Activity Program Tailored to Adolescent Girls, Carie Braun, M. Neisen, and Linda M. Shepherd

(Article) Animal-assisted Therapy: An Analysis of Patient Testimonials, Carie Braun and J. Stoffel

Submissions from 2005

(Article) Adolescent Utilization of Complementary Therapies, Carie Braun, Linda L. Halcon, and Linda H. Bearinger

Submissions from 2004

(Article) Student Nurses’ Knowledge and Perceptions of Alternative and Complementary Therapies, Carie Braun and T. Keimig

(Book Chapter) Revitalizing for success with active learning approaches, Kathleen Ohman

Submissions from 2002

(Article) Teaching Strategies to Maximize Clinical Experiences with Beginning Students, Janet Neuwirth and Mary Kay Becker

Submissions from 2000

(Article) Adolescent Use of Alternative and Complementary Therapies: A Framework for Research, Carie Braun, Linda L. Halcon, and Linda H. Bearinger