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Problem 12.82 of the Kourovka Notebook asks for all ordered pairs (n,m) such that the symmetric group Sn embeds in Sm as a maximal subgroup. One family of such pairs is obtained when m=n+1. Kalužnin and Klin [L.A. Kalužnin, M.H. Klin, Certain maximal subgroups of symmetric and alternating groups, Math. Sb. 87 (1972) 91–121] and Halberstadt [E. Halberstadt, On certain maximal subgroups of symmetric or alternating groups, Math. Z. 151 (1976) 117–125] provided an additional infinite family. This paper answers the Kourovka question by producing a third infinite family of ordered pairs and showing that no other pairs exist.


DOI: 10.1016/j.jalgebra.2005.12.020

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