Submissions from 2019

(Article) Extreme non-viable candidates and quota maneuvering in Brazilian legislative elections, Kristin Wylie, Pedro A. G. dos Santos, and Daniel Marcelino

Submissions from 2018


(Book Chapter) The Representation of Women in Brazilian Politics, Pedro A. G. dos Santos and Kristin N. Wylie

Submissions from 2015


(Article) Cuba in the Western Hemisphere: What Has Changed?, Carlos Oliva Campos and Gary Prevost

Submissions from 2012

(Book Chapter) An Unauthorized History of Post-Mexican School Muralism, Bruce Campbell

(Book Chapter) Argentina’s Social Movements: Confrontation and Co-optation, Gary Prevost

Submissions from 2011


(Article) El militarismo en La granada de Rodolfo Walsh, Eleonora Bertranou


(Article) Reading from the Periphery: Ricardo Piglia and the Liberal Arts, Roy Ketchum

(Article) The Obama Administration and Cuba: The Clinton Administration Revisited, Gary Prevost

Submissions from 2009

(Book Chapter) Assembly Poetics in the Global Economy: Nicaragua, Bruce Campbell


(Article) Reflections on the Cuban Revolution, Gary Prevost


(Article) Fed by Any Means Necessary: Omnivorous Negritude and the Transnational Semiotics of Afro-Colombian Blackness in the Work of Liliana Angulo, Corey Shouse

Submissions from 2008

(Book Chapter) Medellín at the Movies: Film Narrative and the Crisis of National Lettered Culture in Colombia, Corey Shouse

Submissions from 2007

(Book Chapter) Signs of Empire in Mexican Graphic Narrative: A Research Agenda, Bruce Campbell

(Book Chapter) Introduction: Transitioning from Revolutionary Movements to Political Parties and Making the Revolution ‘Stick’, David Close and Gary Prevost


(Article) After Fidel: Don't Expect a Revolution, Gary Prevost

Submissions from 2006

(Book Chapter) Verse and Reverse: Contesting Public Authority in Nicaraguan Newspaper Poetry, Bruce Campbell

Submissions from 2005


(Article) Contesting Free Trade: The Development of the Anti-FTAA Movement in the Streets and in the Corridors of State Power, Gary Prevost


(Article) Torn between Two Mothers: Indigenous Women as spiritual Mentors in two Novels by Mexican Women Writers, Elena Sánchez Mora

Submissions from 2004


(Article) History and the Other: Dussel's Challenge to Levinas, Dennis Beach OSB


(Article) Liturgy, Devotion, and Religious Reform in Eighteenth-Century Mexico City, Brian R. Larkin

Submissions from 2003


(Article) The Free Trade Area of the Americas in the Context of U.S.-Latin American Relations, Gary Prevost and Robert Weber

Submissions from 2002

(Book Chapter) The Prospects for the Free Trade Area of the Américas in the Bush Administration, Gary Prevost

Submissions from 2000


(Article) Political Policy: The Sandanista Revolution and Democratization, Gary Prevost

Submissions from 1999

(Book Chapter) The Status of the Sandinista Revolutionary Project, Gary Prevost

Submissions from 1997

(Book Chapter) The FSLN, Gary Prevost

Submissions from 1996


(Article) The Nicaraguan Revolution - Six Years after the Sandinista Electoral Defeat, Gary Prevost

Submissions from 1995


(Article) The Role of the Sandinista Revolution in the Process of Democratization in Nicaragua, Gary Prevost

Submissions from 1992

(Book Chapter) The FSLN in Opposition, Gary Prevost

Submissions from 1991

(Book Chapter) The FSLN as Ruling Party, Gary Prevost

Submissions from 1990


(Article) Cuba and Nicaragua: A Special Relationship?, Gary Prevost

Submissions from 1989

(Book Chapter) Cuban Foreign Policy in the 1980s: Retreat from Revolutionary Perspectives or Maturation?, Gary Prevost

Submissions from 1987


(Article) The "Contra" War in Nicaragua, Gary Prevost

Submissions from 1985

(Book Chapter) The Spanish Labor Movement, Gary Prevost