The Brazilian Turnaround: A Serious Country at Last

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Political scientist Al Montero from Carleton College presented a lecture titled "The Brazilian Turnaround: A Serious Country At Last". At the beginning of the 1990s, Brazil was described as having a "feckless" political system and an economy "drunk" on hyperinflation. By the mid-2000s, it was the 'B' in the BRICS. How did this turnaround happen? Is it real? Has Brazil become a serious country at long last? Prof. Montero argues that Brazil has secured a notable turnaround in political governance, economic management, and most impressively, in social indicators. But much more is left to do to improve the quality of democracy. The mass demonstrations that have plagued the Dilma Rousseff presidency's preparations for hosting the World Cup in 2014 are a reflection of a public that has grown frustrated with the pace of change and the priorities of public policy. The street protests are an indicator that Brazil is a serious country facing serious challenges. This event is co-sponsored with Global Awareness Series.

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