“Soft” Linguistic Terrorism: 21st Century Re-Articulations

Mike Mena, Brooklyn College, CUNY
Brian Campbell, College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University


Dr. Mike Mena is a Mexican American researcher and Assistant Professor at Brooklyn College, CUNY. Mike focuses on the ideological perceptions of race and language in the context of American education.

Mike has been awarded two major fellowships: The NAEd/Spencer Dissertation Fellowship (2021) and the Carnegie Educational Technologist Fellowship (2021).

As an educational technologist and public intellectual, Mike has facilitated numerous digital pedagogy workshops, including at Columbia University (NY), The Graduate Center (CUNY), Arizona State University (ASU) and The University of London (UK). Mike helps educators and faculty create engaging audio/video educational resources. His award-winning YouTube channel, The Social Life of Language, serves as a contemporary and activist pedagogical model to those interested in producing accessible and engaging educational content designed to engage wider publics, with special attention paid to reaching students of color as well as promoting the work of marginalized scholars.