Godfrey Diekmann Center Graduate Symposium 2024: 3. Conversations on Healing Among Diverse Christian Cultures and the Implications on Pastoral Ministry

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Phil Polipnick (pronounced Pole-ip-nick) is a cradle Catholic from Sauk Centre, MN who is in the 4th year of deacon formation. He met his wife, Jackie Kuechle (pronounced Key-Klee) while they were students at SJU and CSB back in the late 1980s. They have six children. He owns and operates an insurance and financial services company in Central MN. Phil estimates to have over 1000 hours reading and studying on the subject of healing. It was not until his recent class on Grief, Illness, and Healing, that he was exposed to his fellow classmates who hail from a variety of diverse cultures. He realized how different our attitudes toward illness and healing can be, and how that affects our approach to pastoral ministry.

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