The State We're In: Reflections on Minnesota History


The State We're In: Reflections on Minnesota History


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On the occasion of Minnesota's 150th anniversary of statehood, over a hundred historians and other writers assembled to discuss the subjects they had been studying, thinking, and writing about. This book presents the best of that work.



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Minnesota Historical Society Press


Saint Paul, MN




Annette Atkins and Deborah L. Miller are the editors of this book.

Welcome to Minnesota: the state we're in, by Annette Atkins
State history in regional perspective, by James H. Madison
State history in local perspective, by Paula M. Nelson
Memory. Remembering our past, by Gregory Schroeder; The myth of the "forgotten" treaty: traditions about the St. Peters Treaty of 1837, by Bruce White; The U.S.-Dakota War in public memory and public space: Mankato's journey toward reconciliation, by Melodie Andrews; Telling river stories: the Mississippi River runs through all of us, by Patrick Nunnally; The Maples: is this land my land?, by Nora Murphy; The flood, by Marge Barrett.
Up north. Duluth, by Louis Jenkins; The history of Duluth as I recall it, by Louis Jenkins; Kosher with a modern tinge: two generations of Jewish women in Virginia, Minnesota, 1894-1945, by Linda Mack Schloff; The stone tomahawk: Ojibwe tradition, resourcefulness, and survival in Northeastern Minnesota, by Linda LeGarde Grover; "We had this opportunity": African Americans and the Civilian Conservation Corps in Minnesota, by Barbara W. Sommer; The case of the inept forger, by Michael Zalar.
Early Catholic Minnesota: new sources and new questions, by Tangi Villerbu; "To sound my trumpet": Henry Hastings Sibley, Minnesota, and the rise of a national identity, by J. Thomas Murphy; The Christie Brothers' Civil War: a reflection of Minnesota's experience, by Hampton Smith; Baseball at Native American boarding schools in Minnesota: a history, by David J. Laliberte.
Method. The public side of history: museums, the recent past and possible future, by Steven Penick; Thawing a frozen moment: a photograph and the diary that brought it to life, by Emily F. Ganzel; Embracing compiled cookbooks as historical documents, by Traci M. Nathans-Kelly; Looking forward: mid-nineteenth-century predictions for Minnesota's future, by Bill Wittenbreer; Eden, by Matt Callahan.

The State We're In: Reflections on Minnesota History