Así Es: Stories of Hispanic Spirituality


Así Es: Stories of Hispanic Spirituality


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Así es: Stories of Hispanic Spirituality explores the moments of grace of fifteen Hispanics from Mexican-American, Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Guatemalan, and Salvadoran traditions who live in the United States. These women and men, from youth to those who bear the gift of age and wisdom, share their intimate journey with their God.

You will identify with their human struggles, their insights as they cross boundaries from death to life, and their moments of crisis. You will also learn from the memories they share of root experiences, and how they are able to claim their awareness of God's presence working in their lives. These stories reveal how the authors tapped the resources within themselves, their community, and their Church. These stories also share how the authors discovered their God, embracing and passing through the experience of struggle, crisis, joy, transformation, and celebration.

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Liturgical Press



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Liturgical Press


Collegeville, Minn.


Arts and Humanities | Caribbean Languages and Societies | Catholic Studies | Latin American Languages and Societies | Religion | Spanish and Portuguese Language and Literature


Editors: Consuelo Covarrubias, PBVM; Arturo Pérez; and Edward Foley, Capuchin.
Translators: Elena Sánchez Mora and Sarah C. Pruett.

Contributors: Enrique D. Alonso; Consuelo Covarrubias, PBVM; Alvaro Dávila; Confesor De Jesús; Ada María Isasi-Díaz; Clotilde Olvera Márquez; Olga Villa Parra; Ricardo Ramírez, CSB; José y Mercedes Rivera; Marco Antonio López Saavedra; Juan Sosa; Yolanda Tarango, CCVI; María Teresa Gastón Witchger; Silvia Zaldívar; and Dominga M. Zapata, SH.

Así Es: Stories of Hispanic Spirituality