Spanish and Empire


Spanish and Empire


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Essays in this volume deal with the historical, linguistic, and ideological legacy of the Spanish Empire and its language in the New World.

Table of Contents:
Languages, Catholicism, and power in the Hispanic Empire (1500-1770) / Juan R. Lodares -- Echoes of the voiceless : language in Jesuit missions in Paraguay / Fernando Ordóñez -- Languages and imperial designs in the Andes / Juan C. Godenzzi -- Exploring the problematics of non-Castilian emigration to the Americas through La vida cuartizada of Joan/Juan Torrendell / Thomas Harrington --The Foxes by José María Arguedas : a death warrant for Peru's modern national project / José Antonio Giménez Micó -- Nuyorican Poetry, tactics for local resistance / Susan M. Campbell -- Latino, Latin American, Spanish American, North American, or all at the same time? / Edmundo Paz-Soldán -- Language imperialism and the spread of global Spanish / Clare Mar-Molinero -- Signs of empire in Mexican graphic narrative : a research agenda / Bruce Campbell -- Spanish, English, or Spanglish? : truth and consequences of U.S. Latino Bilingualism / John M. Lipski -- Language and empire : a conversation with Ilan Stavans / Ilan Stavans and Verónica Albin.

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Spanish and Empire