Submissions from 2017


(Report) LEARNING AND SEX: A Report on the Analysis of Single Sex Sections of First Year Seminars at CSB/SJU, 2014-15, Patricia Bolaños-Fabres and Sucharita Sinha Mukherjee


(Report) Exploring Men’s Motivations for Studying, and not Studying, Abroad, Shane Miller

Submissions from 2016


(Article) Embodied Knowledge and Accessible Community: An Oral History of ‘Four Rehearsals and a Performance', Liam Oliver Lair and Ashley Mog

Submissions from 2015

(Book Chapter) Interrogating Trans* Identities in the Archive, Liam Oliver Lair


(Article) More educated and more equal? A comparative analysis of female education and employment in Japan, China and India, Sucharita Sinha Mukherjee

Submissions from 2013


(Article) Rethinking the Connections between Female Empowerment and Gender Bias in Child Births and Survival in Urban India, Sucharita Sinha Mukherjee

Submissions from 2012

(Book Chapter) Sara Ruddick, Transracial Adoption, and the Goals of Maternal Practice, Jean Keller

Submissions from 2010


(Article) Rethinking Ruddick and the Ethnocentrism Critique of Maternal Thinking, Jean Keller

(Book Chapter) Who Are You? Christ and the Imperative of Subjectivity, Anna Mercedes

Submissions from 2009

(Book Chapter) Rethinking Ruddick's Birthgiver/Adoptive Mother Distinction, Jean Keller


(Article) Power and Presence in Care: A Christian Feminist Theological Response to Melissa Raphael, Anna Mercedes

(Book Chapter) Bound in the Spiral Dance: Spirituality and Technology in the Third Wave, Anna Mercedes and Jennifer Thweatt-Bates

Submissions from 2008


(Article) Dialogue Among Friends: Toward a Discourse Ethic of Interpersonal Relationships, Jean Keller

Submissions from 2006


(Article) Limits of the Appeal to Women's Experience Reconsidered, Jennifer Beste

(Article) The Limits of Poststructuralism for Feminist Theology, Jennifer Beste

Submissions from 2005


(Article) His Story/Her Story: A Dialogue About Including Men and Masculinities in the Women's Studies Curriculum, Beth Berila, Jean Keller, Camilla Krone, Jason Laker, and Ozzie Mayers


(Article) Recovery from Sexual Violence and Socially Mediated Dimensions of God's Grace: Implications for Christian Communities, Jennifer Beste

Submissions from 1997


(Article) Autonomy, Relationality, and Feminist Ethics, Jean Keller