Gender Politics and the Supreme Court

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This faculty and staff panel (Whitney Court, Phil Kronebusch, Shannon Smith, Emily Paup, Lori Klapperich) explored the impact of the Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh hearings in relation to Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation process. Panelists discussed the importance of this Supreme Court seat in relation to upcoming court cases; comparisons to the 1991 Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas hearings and how we study the intersection of gender and race; gendered expectations of civility as it relates to gender, voice, and agency; and the myths versus realities of sexual assault and the impact of such public discussions on survivors. The panel presentation was followed by a Q&A with students, including questions about how we might respond to political polarization and how the outcome of the confirmation process might affect the willingness of sexual assault and harassment victims to come forward.

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