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Maria Frie (a CSB senior studying English and secondary education) and Stanton Charlton (an SJU senior communication major) present their research of strategies to increase student success through universal instructional design. Maria’s focus is on training for writing tutors and education majors to improve the experience of English Language Learner students in the classroom and in the writing center. Through surveys of writing tutors and work with Education 111 faculty, Maria has identified a range of strategies for educators to use with ELL students when working one-on-one; she emphasizes individualized techniques to overcome stigma. Stanton will present his work as a summer research fellow on disability studies and universal design in the writing center. Drawing on his own perspective as both a student with visual impairment and as a tutor, he will outline how to work with students who may or may not disclose their learning disability. For some students, not disclosing a disability can be a positive and appropriate strategy. Both presentations emphasize that the techniques that work best for ELL students and students with disabilities have broad applicability and can improve learning for all students. Furthermore, they note that tutors and educators have an ethical and moral responsibility to do all they can to promote access for students from all backgrounds.