What We Share: Storytelling in Psychology and Theater

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Our presentation will examine the intersection of Psychology and Theater in the act of storytelling. This shared exploration is a result of our collaboration on the Theater Department's fall production of the musical Next To Normal. Next To Normal details the struggles of a family dealing with the loss of a son and brother, and how that loss is experienced by the remaining family members. The staging of this story will give us an opportunity to gain new perspectives into mental health and to try and change the narrative around mental illness. We are specifically hoping to address mental illness challenges on our own campus and the production will be accompanied by workshops, post show discussions and student group led activities. As stories are powerful tools we use to create our sense of ourselves and the world, they have the ability to make real personal and social change. This forum will give us the chance to share how our departments embrace storytelling as the engine of that change.


The slides for this presentation are not available.