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For over three and a half decades the CSB|SJU Washington D.C. Summer Study Program has taken students to Washington over the summer months where they live in a learning community and work in internships all over the city. Some students find internships on Capitol Hill, others work in non-profits, government affairs organizations or for executive branch agencies. Students from a wide variety of majors have taken the program, interning at organizations such as the Smithsonian museums and archives, at news media including NBC, and in a number of science and technology related for- and non-profit organizations. All students, regardless of major must attend evening seminars run by the directors. Over the past decade, the co-directors of the program have collected assessment data to measure the level of political knowledge, civic engagement, and commitment to public service that students gain through this experience. We ask if internships in a learning community setting, with a significant academic component and the leadership of a director are more effective than internships alone, and examine whether completing an internship during the Trump administration has any impact on our students’ attitudes towards politics and policy.