First-Generation Bennies and Johnnies: Who they are, what they need, how CSB/SJU is supporting them, and what you can do in your position

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In the fall of 2016, CSB hired Hannah Salto (December ’16 Grad) as the College Navigator to begin work in the spring semester of 2017. The College Navigator position focuses on providing support for first-generation students, locating and connecting already existing support on campus for these students, and helping the incoming class of first-generation Bennies and Johnnies successfully transition into the college environment and culture. This presentation will cover statistical information and data about first-generation students at CSB/SJU gathered from the registrars office, surveys, and focus groups. It will also cover the work of the College Navigator up until this point and tips on how you can support these students in the position you hold in our community. Come learn who CSB and SJU's first-generation students are, what they need, the work of the College Navigator on campus, and what you can do in your position to help support these students.

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