You’ve been Facebooked: examining student use of Facebook at CSB/SJU

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Ask any faculty, student, or administrator on campus what Facebook is, and one would get few blank looks. Among faculty and administration, issues of disclosure and privacy quickly brought notoriety and recognition for the site almost as soon as Facebook arrived on campus last year. Administration and faculty express concerns that students fail to understand the broader implications of Facebook. Students feel faculty and administrators “just don’t get it.”

While Facebook’s popularity is not surprising among a population used to conducting a large share of its interpersonal interaction through an electronic medium, the site’s function for students and understanding student views of trust and disclosure are less obvious. During this Friday Forum, the presenters will share the early results of two on-line studies conducted this semester examining 1) the role Facebook plays in the CSB/SJU community and 2) students’ understanding of and familiarity with Facebook’s privacy policy and their choices regarding trust and disclosure on the site. The Forum also will provide an opportunity for open discussion of the potential implications of the findings for our campuses.


The slides for this presentation are not available.