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Members of the 2009 Benedictine Heritage Tour who traveled to Italy and Germany in June of 2009 will share their experiences of the trip. This tour was the first of its kind, but there will be two tours in 2010 (one in May and one in June, as recently announced). The purpose of the tour is to allow staff and faculty to explore our Benedictine heritage. The tour includes visits to important sites in Rome, Subiaco and Monte Cassino (the two monasteries founded by St. Benedict), Munich, and Eichstatt and Metten (the monasteries from which the founding nuns and monks of CSB/SJU came). Employees (staff and faculty) who are considering applying for one of the 2010 tours are especially encouraged to attend. The twelve 2009 participants are members of the monastic community, administrative staff, support staff, and faculty. We had an incredibly awesome trip!