The future is now - CSB/SJU's summer pilot study of online education

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CSB/SJU's first totally online undergraduate education courses will be offered in the Summer of 2012 as part of a pilot study. The results will impact the character and shape of distance education policy for many years to come. Mary, Michelle, Ernie and a distance education committee have explored a variety of policy, procedure and support matters that would enable distance education to (1) 'enrich the niche' of our Benedictine, residential liberal arts education rather than cannibalize it, (2) ensure the faculty (and students) have the tools and knowledge to excel in this teaching and learning environment and (3) ensure the quality of distance education offerings live up to the fantastic reputation that CSB/SJU and its faculty have justly earned. Come and learn about the preliminary views of policies and procedures that should shape the future of distance education at CSB/SJU.


The slides for this presentation are not available.