The muddy middle: A brief examination of the origins and implications of the separation of church and state in America

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The debate about the church's involvement in political affairs has raged for centuries. Throughout history we see examples of governments being reformed to accommodate religious freedom as well as abuses and tyranny seemingly endorsed as God's will. How are we as Christians in a day and age of religious and political pluralism to find our foothold in for the future of America? What is our responsibility, where does it begin and end, and how on earth did we get here? Some have gone too far and have blurred the lines between evangelism and activism and still others have not gone far enough by preaching total pacifism and apathy.

America has been formed and shaped by revolutionaries, those who would not stand for the status quo. As we move forward into evermore treacherous territory what can be learned from the examples of men like Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, John Hughes, Martin Luther King Jr. and others? This treatise attempts a very basic introduction to the origins of the Church's existence in our country, the legacy that has been created for us, as well as the current viewpoints of some of our religious and political leaders and what the implication may be.


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