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Christianity | Ethics in Religion | Religion


A person enters a public space-market, café, church-unnoticed, identity camouflaged against the vernacular of the everyday. In a flash-self-communicating through willful self-annihilation-the anthropology of a hitherto unknown individual is irrevocably imbedded in the history(s) of other human anthropologies without any consent. In the violence of such a moment, against the compelling mystery of the self-erased suicide bomber, a starting point opens up for the Christian witness to the event to enter into, and to begin a radical exploration of mystery, identity, of the other, of the self, framed against the Christian tradition, and reflected against the Christ.

The 'call' of the bomber cries to be heard and to be addressed: how this is met-defines the authenticity of the Christian identity.

At hand are issues of proximity, temporality, efficacy, deontology, mercy, purpose, permanence, kenosis, transformation, and hope.