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Disability and Equity in Education | Higher Education


It's not a question of whether some students are made for college and academic work and some are not. Rather it's whether academic work reflects the creative and innovative intelligence that our dyslexic students possess and the world needs. If these students have ended up here at CSB/SJU, they have already shown great intelligence and an unbelievable voracity to succeed. These students come to us many times battered and bruised from the prejudicial system of education that has tried to box in and narrowly represent intelligence. On an individual basis, each student has learned a route that goes in, around, under, and above the traditional ways of learning. They have found ways to not merely cope, but to use their strengths to compensate for their weaknesses. This ability to creatively navigate the school system in order to succeed demonstrates a kind of intelligence that is needed but often goes unnoticed. At this presentation, find out about the extremely successful leaders in our communities and world that have dyslexia, and learn how you can help these extraordinary learners excel in our community.

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