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With two successful documentaries completed, ETL members traveled to rural Uganda to understand the plight of child-headed families and how education at Hope Academy made a difference in their lives. Extending the Link's third documentary, Essubi: Growing up with Hope, was filmed in January of 2010 by six CSB/SJU students. The film focuses on teenagers in rural Uganda. These young adults become the primary caretakers of their families when their parents die of the AIDS epidemic, forcing them to sacrifice their education and provide food, housing and medical necessities to their younger siblings. Very often, the government and other organizations fail to notice struggling teenagers. Our documentary focuses on a few of these young Ugandans and organizations like the Uganda Rural Fund and Hope Integrated Academy that are actively working to break this damaging cycle.

Inspired action: The premiere of the film and a benefit concert helped ETL raise $1600 for the Academy. After the premiere, a group of inspired students set up a social enterprise selling jewelry made by students at Hope Academy. In December 2011, a second group of students from Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE) will return to Uganda to film an update piece on Hope Academy and evaluate progress made in the past two years.


Originally published at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3npInSTO8Vg