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Fall 2012


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This is the author's version of an article published in Post Road Magazine. The definitive version was published as:

Malone, Cynthia. "Writers and Critics at the DInner Table: Tristram Shandy as Conversational Model." Post Road Magazine 23. Boston College Department of English. Fall 2012. Web.

IMG_1311.tif (1737 kB)
Tristram Shandy, Buttoned

2009_0815Ger0042.tif (2287 kB)
Tristram Shandy, Unbuttoned

IMG_1313.tif (1818 kB)
Mrs. Shandy Interrupts Mr. SHandy

2009_0815Ger0058.tif (1785 kB)
Pray, what was your father saying?

2009_0815Ger0037.tif (1887 kB)
Verso (date and page number)

2009_0815Ger0008.tif (2111 kB)
Shut the Door

IMG_1321.tif (1884 kB)
Chapter 19, Reread

IMG_1314.tif (1843 kB)
Alas, Poor Yorick! The Black Page

IMG_1316.tif (2076 kB)
Alas, Poor Yorick! The Gray Page

2009_0815Ger0049.tif (2120 kB)
Marriage Settlement

IMG_1319.tif (1582 kB)
The Shandys' Marriage Settlement

2009_0815Ger0044.tif (2110 kB)
Prenatal Baptism Documents