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Environmental Sciences | Physical Sciences and Mathematics | Sustainability


Jean Lavigne, Environmental Studies


The “out of sight, out of mind” idea has controlled our perception of the world and one thing that people don’t really think about is the whereabouts of their trash. Where does our trash end up? More specifically, if your service for trash is the big company WM (Waste Management), where do they drop off your trash? I will be displaying a map of transfer and landfills of WM and also their recycle facilities in Minnesota. The data I will be using is addresses and fact sheets WM has provided along with a Facts Report of CSB/SJU trash and recycle of 2011-2014 that will be used to compare and find the percentage of our contribution to the landfills. I will be making map and data charts for reference. The map will have the locations of the transfers and landfill sites with their sizes in acres and waste accumulations. The data charts will display CSB/SJU trash and recycling accumulation comparing to landfill capacities.