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Biology | Exercise Science | Life Sciences | Medicine and Health Sciences | Sports Sciences


Manuel Campos, Biology


Introduction: In the world today, concussions are a major health risk in sports and many other physically demanding activities. Every day, we see former athletes who have experienced multiple concussions complain of cognitive impairment and memory loss. It is the risk every athlete takes when they participate in a sport they love; however, when an individual plays through a concussion that is when a line is crossed. People playing through a concussion lead to the foundation of this study, which is to find out why individuals play through their concussions, why they fail to report, and the core cognitive reasons. Materials and Methods: Identified middle school, high school, and collegiate student-athletes as target participants for the study. Developed a three-part survey asking students about concussions. These parts were: Their own experiences with undiagnosed concussions and why they did not report them; undiagnosed concussions in others and why they did not report them; and a general opinion of why someone would not report a concussion. Analyzed data of the 560 participants to obtain significant statistical findings.