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Psychology | Social and Behavioral Sciences


Eamonn Arble, Psychology


Our experiment was a rendition of the Solomon Asch experiment. The difference between our experiment and Asch’s is that we asked a slew of general knowledge questions as compared to Asch’s question about which line was longer on a projected image. We asked 10 questions to our 45 subjects who were included in groups of six with five confederates in either an all male, female or mixed group. In order to test conformity we had our confederates answer questions with an incorrect answer to see how our subjects would respond. After all 10 questions had been administered, we debriefed our subjects on what they were actually being tested on and answered any questions.

The study attempted to measure whether sex played a significant role in conformity and the results show that it does indeed. Males within mixed groups showed a tendency to conform more than males in an all female or all male group. There was no significant difference between male conformity between all male and all female groups.

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