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Communication | Health Communication | Social and Behavioral Sciences


Karyl Daughters, Communication


The Let’s Move! campaign is a social discourse for nutritional education that impacts families and they ways they communicate. Families are affected by the outside in terms of the systems approach concept of openness as the entire family is impacted due to the wholeness component. Family members experience dialectic struggles as some family members desire to be autonomous and others want to be connected. Another dialectic struggle presented by relational dialectics is the dialectic of predictability and novelty. This dialectic stresses the importance of repetition and the contradicting idea of newness. The roles of family members are established to hierarchical manner to maintain order and enhance functioning. However, conflict arises when the familial roles are disputed and the hierarchical order is threatened. Overall, in applying the systems approach, relational dialectics, and analyzing familial roles and conflict the Let’s Move! campaign is a social discourse that promotes nutritional communication in families.