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Chemistry | Physical Sciences and Mathematics


Kate Graham, Chemistry


This research involves the synthesis of one diethyl amino-dihydroxy butyl phosphonate which hold characteristics shown to serve as an anti-fungal and anti-microbial agent. The first step of this research involves epoxidation of the phosphonate-containing olefin made using the Arbuzov procedure with crotonaldehyde. The second step synthesizes an oxazolidone using benzyl isocyanate to open the epoxide and cyclize the compound. Hydrolysis of the oxazolidone is performed for the production of the 1, 2 amino-alcohols in the third stage. This step synthesizes the amino-phosphonates. The first and second steps have been completed. Upon successful retrieval of the oxazolidones, the alcohol can be synthesized. The oxazolidone will also be manipulated to produce phosphonosugars. Throughout the exploration of these compounds, stereo-chemical manipulation on the epoxides and their resulting products will also be investigated.

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