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Exercise Science | Human and Clinical Nutrition | Kinesiology | Life Sciences | Nutrition


Alexa L. Evenson, Nutrition; Mark G. Glen, Nutrition


RESEARCH OBJECTIVE: To assess the differential effects of a mobile phone-based application (app) versus phone-based memo use on anthropometric measures, healthy eating, and physical activity behaviors in college-age women. METHODS: Participants (n=43) were randomly enrolled in a mobile app or phone-based memo group during a 6 week study. Participants in the app group were trained on proper usage of the free app, MyNetDiary, and the memo group received directions on how to journal their food and exercise activity on their phone. Participants were asked to complete pre-and post-questionnaires at baseline and at the conclusion of the study. Physical activity and health behavior change strategies were assessed via the Health Behavior Survey. The NHANES Dietary Screener was used to track dietary intake. Anthropometric data was collected at baseline and at completion of the 6 week study. Adherence to tracking dietary intake and physical activity was collected at week 3 and at the conclusion of the study. Comparisons between the App group and Memo group were examined using independent samples t-test for continuous variables and a x2 test of independence for categorical variables. A paired t-test was also used for assessing changes within the groups. ANCOVA was used to assess change across 6 weeks for physical activity and healthy eating change strategies.