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Jean Lavigne, Environmental Studies


Purpose: Client Professor James Poff paints and draws on the side of his teaching post in the Biology Department. After finishing his tenure teaching, he would like to spend the summer traveling to art festivals in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois. He believes that his art will be most widely accepted at art fairs that are within a 25 mile radius of a liberal arts college. He is interested in knowing what summer art festivals those are. Methods: From the websites of the Department of Tourism for Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois I obtained the dates, names and addresses of the summer art festivals offered by each state. “Summer” is defined by May 15 through August 18. From the website of the Liberal Arts College Review, I found the addresses for the liberal arts colleges in each state. I found the latitude and longitude of each art festival and each college by entering their addresses into a batch geocode. I uploaded those files to ArcMap then selected the art festivals within a 25 mile radius of the colleges.