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Medicine and Health Sciences | Nursing


Carrie Hoover, Nursing


Emergency Departments (ED) have protocols in place for cleaning rooms vacated by patients in order to reduce the spread of infection. What is the health care staff’s responsibility to ensure these protocols are being updated and implemented as part of infection control? The principle objective of this project is to re-educate healthcare staff on the importance of the environmental cleaning policy in the ED to decrease transmission of multi-drug resistant organisms (MDRO). Secondary objectives include a review of the literature to provide evidence on the most effective disinfectant wipe to reduce MDROs, and best methods for evaluating cleanliness. Data will be collect from ED staff during the cleaning process and a survey conducted on cleaning practices and reported to the agency to improve practice.


Author note: This paper is a practice improvement project to investigate, suggest improvements, and teach other nursing personnel about a practice issue relevant at my capstone site, the emergency department in the northwest metropolitan area and information presented to site. It was prepared for Nursing 379, Synthesis of Professional Nursing, section 01A taught by Professor Hoover.

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