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Jean Lavigne, Environmental Studies


This map series was created for Professor Jessica Harkins, to be used as an educational tool that visually demonstrates literature production during three medieval time periods. The maps detail the evolution of European territories and approximate locations of texts written around the years 800 AD, 1100 AD, and 1400 AD. My client was specifically interested in works from the British Isles, but also requested whole maps of historical Europe so as to portray the rapid change of territories and their impact on the literature of the time.

The maps were originally derived from an ESRI basemap, and territory details were added by digitizing over existing historical maps of corresponding time periods from the Euratlas History of Europe database. This was done through a combination of basemap cutting, tracing, and hand-drawing of territories. Literature information was retrieved from a list created by my client, and points were added in the British Isles to indicate the most likely location of origin for each work. All maps use a GCS 1984 World Mercator projection.