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Communication | Mass Communication | Public Relations and Advertising


Terence Check, Communication


The Hyundai-Team commercial was released during the 2013 Super Bowl on February 3rd, 2013. The theme of this commercial is very team orientated in that, being a part of a team is more than just competing against others but includes the reliability, loyalty, and stability that you get from your teammates. In this commercial, the Hyundai Santa Fe is indeed a part of the team that is insuring these qualities to its owners. Clearly, Hyundai is trying to gather up a team of its own and give the audience a chance to be a part of this magnificent, comprehensive team by owning the Santa Fe. This advertisement is a great example of effectively persuading audience members to form a positive attitude towards the commercial and Hyundai altogether through identification and incongruity. It really encourages the consumption of Hyundai automobiles and in particular the Santa Fe. The commercial was also effective in using humor from the team of unrealistic, manly qualities that are given to children, to distract the audience from noticing the cultural issue at hand, which is bullying.