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Marysvale volcanic field; Wahweap Formation; Claron Formation; Bryce Canyon National Park; Paunsaugunt fault; Sevier fault; Basin and Range Province; Colorado Plateau; Trishear Model


The Rubys Inn thrust fault in southern Utah has produced several styles of deformation in its footwall. This project describes four exceptionally well exposed examples of strain accommodation, including a mountain-scale, ductile footwall drag fold, cataclastic flexural slip between bedding surfaces of differing competencies, plastically deformed petrified wood within the zone of flexural slip, and cataclastic shear expressed as deformation bands. Such examples show how various lithologies can be deformed into a wide array of structures during a single deformation event. Furthermore, some of these structures result in changes in permeability, which are important for those interested in subsurface fluid flow.

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