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Mary Anning, William Buckland, Henry De la Beche, Jurassic, Lyme Regis, plesiosaurs, ichthyosaurs, coprolites


On April 17, 2005, delegates at the 39th Biennial Convention of the Society of Sigma Gamma Epsilon passed a motion to include Mary Anning as one of the guiding pillars of geology in the Ritual of the Society. Mary Anning, of Lyme Regis, England, was a 19th century collector of fossils who made significant contributions to the growth of British palaeontology. Among her finds was one of the most complete specimens of Ichthyosaurs found in Britain, as well as the discovery of the first British Plesiosaurus and Dimorphodon (pterosaur). Mary Anning also discovered the true nature of coprolites. However, only recently has Mary Anning received credit for her remarkable discoveries.

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