The Compass: Earth Science Journal of Sigma Gamma Epsilon is the peer-reviewed, official publication of the Society of Sigma Gamma Epsilon, an Earth Science honorary founded on March 30, 1915, at The University of Kansas. The Society was established to recognize scholarship and professionalism in the Earth Sciences with the objectives of scholastic, scientific, and professional advancement of its members and the extension of relations of friendship and assistance among colleges and universities which are devoted to the advancement of the Earth Sciences.

Current Issue: Volume 90, Issue 1 (2019)

The San Juan River cuts through the Raplee Ridge anticline, a Laramide Orogeny structure, near Mexican Hat, Utah. [Photo by Loren Holyoak.]



Orientation of Paleostress of Raplee Ridge Anticline
Loren Randall Holyoak and John S. MacLean

News Update


SGE in the News
Alexandra Kirsch

cover image of an anticline


Larry E. Davis
James C. Walters