The History of Christianity in Iraq/Mesopotamia: Yesterday and Today

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Christianity | History of Christianity


This lecture and slide presentation, given by Iraqi Dominican priest and friar, Fr. Najeeb Michaeel, OP, looked closely at the history and current reality of Christianity in the cradle of civilization—the region of Mesopotamia, or modern Iraq.

In this lecture, Fr. Najeeb discussed the many beautiful vestiges and rich treasure of manuscripts discovered in this region that inform us about the vivacity of this missionary Church. He will also answer the pressing questions: What has become of this ancient Christian community, the beautiful churches, and the mass treasure of manuscripts?

Fr. Najeeb is the Director of the Digital Center for Eastern Manuscripts in Iraq, whose mission is to salvage and digitize manuscripts in war-torn Iraq. He is currently a Resident Scholar at the Collegeville Institute who is working on HMML manuscripts during his spring 2013 campus residency.

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